With over 40 years’of experience in the automotive aftermarket, Auto Parts International (API) is a leader in the after-market parts business in Nepal. We are involved in vehicle spare parts distribution ranging from Heavy Commercial Vehicles to Two Wheeler segment.

API provides superior products and services to their valued customers at competitive prices while delivering the best customer service in the industry. Located at the heart of the city, API occupies over 8000 sq. ft., of warehouse and office space, holding large stock of vehicle spare parts suitable for all types of vehicles.



  • 1950
    Establishment of Retail business : Jog Bir Singh Kamal Bir Singh

    Company by the name of Job Bir Singh Kamal Bir Singh was established in order to trade vehicle spare parts

  • 1960
    Establishment of Engineering Workshop by the name of Balaju Auto Works

    First of its kind Engineering workshop was established in Balaju Industrial Area

  • 1981
    Name of Job Bir Singh Kamal Bir Singh changed to Auto Parts International


  • 1990
    Auto Parts International started distribution business


  • 1995
    Appointed as sole distributor of Rane Brake Linings


  • 1998
    Appointed as sole distributor of Luk India Pvt Ltd.


  • 2000
    Appointed as sole distributor of FAG bearings India Ltd.


  • 2005
    Appointed as sole distributor of AMARON batteries for Nepal market


  • 2006
    Started distribution business of Two wheeler spare parts


  • 2006
    Appointed as distributor of ROLON Chains


  • 2008
    Appointed as distributor of Endurance Shocks


  • 2010
    Started distribution business of Auto Accessories


  • 2010
    Appointed as sole distributor of Vega Helmets for Nepal market.


  • 2011
    Appointed as distributor of Shell Lubricants for Nepal market


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